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The Most Popular Plants For Apartments In Carmel

December 17, 2021
Blue and green apartment at Union Street Flats.

You might refer to them as “houseplants,” but there are plants can prosper in an apartment too. Plants add excitement to your apartment, improve air quality, lighten your mood, and help you feel near to nature when you can’t travel out of your apartment to enjoy your scenic community. The most popular plants for apartments in Carmel don’t want a lot of care. If you want topiaries or succulents in your space, these no-fuss plants are a great gift for your apartment.

The Best Plants For Apartments In Carmel With Artificial Light

A bedroom with a plant in the corner in 116 apartments.

Your apartment layout was built for human beings but notnecessarily plants. If your room doesn’t bring in a lot of sun, you can bring in plants that flourish in artificial light. Spider plants are popular, hardy plants that don’t demand a lot of natural light. These plants feature slender flat leaves that reproduce by spintering out “spiderettes,” or mini versions of themselves that hang down the primary plant. They look perfect on top shelving that give the tendrils room to hang down. Spider plants are awfully hardy and only require care when they are dry. They also don’t mind small pots, so you don’t have to replant them on a day-to-day basis.

The peace lily is also one of the best plants for apartments in Carmel. These sweet flowers have elegant forest green leaves and classic white flowers. They are tall rather than wide and shouldn’t need a lot of light, so you can park one in any nook in your small apartment. They also don’t demand much watering and will tell forgetful caretakers that they need water when the drop leaves.

The Top Apartment Plants That Won’t Need A Lot Of Water

A kitchen with succulent plants on a counter in Echo Park Bloomington Apartments. 

If you’re a work-a-holic, studying, or enjoying your community’s many amenities, you could fail to remember to take care of your plants. To side step killing your plants, get cacti and succulents. These desert-native plants only look for water once a week in summer weather and less frequently during winter. Place them in a desert potting mix and stick them in a bright area like a bedroom window sill.

Succulents and cacti are very trendy as decor knick knacks. You can order them in many difference sizes, colors, and shapes. Show off your cacti and succulents in fun terracotta pots or hanging terrariums, or combine several species in one big pot.

The Best Plants For Freshening Your Indoor Air

Spacious living room with plants in The Verge Luxury Apartments.

Invisible contaminants from outside dust and household things can store up in the environment in your apartment. You’ll live better with purifying plants like snake plants and pathos. They eat up odors from the air and breath out cleaner oxygen back into your apartment.

Pothos are leafy plants with long stems that tend to creep over the corners of bookcases or hanging baskets. They excel in most lighting with a daily watering.

Snake plants have stiff, pointed leaves that stand up and down. They contrast with some other vegetation if you want to display a few varieties together. Snake plants can resist a little neglect and require little light or water, meaning that they are hard to hurt.

Bring Your Plants Home To Midtown Flats

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