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How To Save Money On Your Monthly Bills On Your Carmel Apartment

February 03, 2021

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Everyone looks to save money on monthly bills in Carmel, but is it truly doable when you reside in an apartment? While lowering your monthly rent would be great,, instead, think about your utility expenses.

Whether you live in a studio or a three-bedroom apartment, there are numerous tips on how you can save money on monthly bills with your Carmel apartment.

Air filter HVAC maintenance in Carmel

Switch Out Your Furnace Filter and Waste Less Energy

Plugged up air filters make your HVAC system run harder and burn more energy. Dirty filters lead to a higher utility bill for you. Not only will a fresh filter make your HVAC system operate better, but it will also help avoid premature malfunctions. Anyone who's seen the heat fail in the middle of a frigid winter night will say it's well worth monitoring and switching out your filter.

You can find an air filter at any big box or home and garden retailer. Just make certain you purchase the correct kind, as a bigger apartment could take a bigger air filter than a one-bedroom. You might also wish to see if the maintenance staff provides complimentary replacements. Check the filter each month, even if it's estimated to last for 90 days. If you hold it up to a light and are unable to see through it, that's a good hint it's time for a replacement.

Smart lights in a Carmel apartment

Save Money on Monthly Bills with LED Bulbs

There are numerous good ideas on saving money on monthly bills in Carmel, but some of the best is with interior lighting. LED bulbs use smaller amounts of power than traditional filament lights and hold up much longer. If you're anxious about the upfront purchase price, don't be. The expense of LED bulbs has fallen significantly over the years, and there are lots of cost-effective alternatives.

The benefits here is two-fold, because not only will you reduce power use, you'll also benefit from not having to get replacement bulbs as much. Check in with your apartment’s office staff as they may use LED bulbs and supply you with them!
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Automate Your New Lights With Smart Bulbs

Were you aware that your Google Home or Amazon Echo does more than only play that song you're wanting to find? With a smart light or smart plug, you can control lights through voice commands or your smartphone app.

If you forget to turn a light off, you can do so straight from the app rather than allowing it to burn the whole day. Or manage your power use even more by putting your lights on a schedule to turn on and off automatically.

These innovative and easy solutions provide peace of mind in other situations. If you're away visiting relatives or on a work trip, you can set your lights to turn on automatically. You can give the illusion and make it appear that you're home by setting the light to come on at the usual time you come home.

Find Your Future Apartment With Midtown Flats

Naturally, it's less difficult to save money on monthly bills if your home has up-to-date infrastructure and energy-efficient appliances. Fortunately, you can enjoy these deluxe amenities and a great community at Midtown Flats. Call 317-597-4596 soon or click "schedule a tour" to see your future apartment community.