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Your Guide To Apartment Pool Safety In Carmel

July 20, 2023
Apartment swimming pool at The Hamilton in Fishers.

The opening of a community pool is like the unofficial start to summer. You’re ready to spend your weekends in the water. But before doing so, take note of this easy-to-follow guide for apartment pool safety in Carmel. A few smart safeguards will go a long way to keeping you and your guests out of harm’s way when going to this well-liked apartment amenity.

Top Apartment Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pool and outdoor seating at apartment.
Although pleasurable and calming, swimming pools do present a potential danger, specially for inexperienced swimmers. To make sure you have a fantastic time, follow these fundamental apartment pool safety recommendations for Carmel.
  • Bring someone along: No matter if you’re a experienced swimmer or a novice - you should always have someone with you in case of a problem. Accidents can take place no matter your age, physical condition, or athletic ability.
  • Watch out for younger kids: If you have little kids, be certain they use a well-fitted buoyancy aid or life jacket. And be sure to watch over your children diligently the entire time, even when they’re out of the pool. A small child wobbling on the edge of a pool is an emergency about to happen. If your children haven’t mastered how to swim, the summer is an excellent time to sign up for instruction.
  • Finish eating prior to jumping in: Your mouth needs to be empty when entering the pool to keep yourself from gagging. So complete your sandwich and remove your chewing gum before testing out the water.
  • Avoid running, diving, and pushing: Pool areas are slick, and apartment swimming pools are often not that deep. For these reasons, diving, pushing, and running is never a good idea.
  • Avoid holding your breath underwater: We’ve all seen children engage in a contest of who can hold their breath the longest. This is ill-advised at any age as it can lead to fainting and drowning.
  • Be smart about the weather: Pay attention to weather warnings, and if you hear thunder or catch sight of lighting, don’t shrug it off. Leave the pool and go to a safe area.
  • Abide by all posted instructions: Your apartment community will have regulations in public view. Adhere to them and ensure your visitors do too. They are there for your own well-being.
  • Avoid glassware: Go with plastic or cans when loading your bag for the swimming pool. Glassware and hard pool decks don’t mix. If a bottle breaks, it may quickly result in injuries on uncovered feet.

There’s no reason why you can’t fellow Residents can have a fantastic time at your apartment’s swimming pool this year. Just be sure to keep safety in mind whether you’re in or around the water.

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